Saturday, June 16, 2007

Oliver Perez is a Gamer

Oliver Perez is my kind of pitcher. He shows emotion on the mound. He's the first to high five one of his teammates after they make a great play. But best of all he knows which games need to be won.

Let me ask you this. If there was a must-win game this year, who would you want on the mound? I've lost all confidenc in Glavine's ability to win in the clutch. You could argue El Duque, but I would want Oliver Perez.

Look at who has pitched when the Mets beat the Braves. 2 of our pitiful 3 wins against the Braves are thanks to Oliver Perez. He's pitched well against the Yankees, and to shutout the streaking Yankees while going up against the Rocker, Roger Clemens, proves he has mental toughness to handle these situations. The most encouraging thing was when he was walking batters he was missing low in the zone which prevented him from getting lit up for home runs. Thank you Rick Peterson.

Sure he will give up 8 runs in 3 innings during one of his starts this year, but after last year's Game 7 of the NLCS and what I've seen this year Oliver Perez is in my mind the right pitcher for big games.

P.S. He does have a knack for getting some unbelievable plays out of his outfielders (i.e. Gomez, Endy, etc.)

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