Friday, June 15, 2007

Is Carlos Delgado Turning into Cliff Floyd?

Let's take a look at some quick statistics:
Batting Avg = .224
HR = 10
RBI = 39
OBP = .293
Walks/Plate Appearance = .077
AB/HR = 24.5

Now if I asked you last year who on the Mets is most likely to have this stat line, I would bet that 75% of you would say Cliff Floyd. Unfortunately, this is what Delgado has done so far this year. He's well off his career average in every category. Although, he has hit 10 homers which puts him on pace for about 30.

Cliff Floyd was at one time a feared hitter. Injuries turned him into a mediocre player at best, but Delgado hasn't had a series of injuries to set him back. But Delgado needs to get his act together before he becomes the next Uncle Cliffy.

Delgado is falling for the same tricks that Floyd did. He's become a sucker for any pitch low and inside because he's trying to turn on it to hit it into next week. Delgado is struggling to hit the ball the other way with power. I give him credit that he's trying to hit to the opposite field, but often times he's left with a ball that can barely reach the outfield.

After last year's NLCS, I became a true Delgado believer, but this year I feel cheated. There was such hope that if we got back to the playoffs Delgado would the "the man" the Mets needed to win a championship.

Right now I just hope he can keep his average above the Mendoza line.

I'm pulling for you Delgado. Read some of your notebook. Get that swagger back. I miss seeing you and Reyes do your little jive at the top of the dugout steps after big hits.

No better time to do it than against the Yankees. Let's go Mets.

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