Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Someone Please Designate Scott Schoeneweis for Assignment

Q. What do tongue depressors, cold pasta and Scott Schoeneweis have in common?

A. They all make me gag.

Do you just cringe during a close game when you hear Gary Cohen say that Willie Randolph is going to the bullpen to bring in Scott Schoeneweis? Does he not see what everyone else sees?

Look at his stats this year:
IP = 27.2
Hits = 30
K = 13
BB = 20
ERA = 5.86

This is a guy with a career ERA of over 5. I know we're desperate for bullpen help and we don't have a long reliever, but right now anybody is better than Schoeneweis. Where's Chad Bradford and Darren Oliver when you need them?

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