Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Top 7th - Dodgers 6 Mets 1

And the debacle continues. Need to vent before I try to go to sleep. West Coast games kill me. Be that as it may, the Mets look totally clueless. It's hard to imagine that the season has turned so quickly like this but they have nothing in the tank right now. Zero.

Quick In-GameRecap: 2 Men left at second base in the first 4 innings. Valentin just missed HR by two feet. Beltran just misses robbing a HR. Sosa forgets to cover first, eventually allowing 2 runs to score. Reyes hits one off Penny's leg, bounces over to Abraeu who throws him out. 6th inning, three more runs score with two outs, which makes it 5 runs allowed with 2 out for the game. It's embarrassing.

Yanks are going to hammer them this weekend. Buckle up, because it ain't gonna be fun.

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