Friday, June 22, 2007

Around the Horn: Willie gets Wilpon’s Support

Amazing what 2 ½ weeks can do. It seems like ages ago the Mets were dominating the National League and were well on their way to another post season run. But with this current losing streak, many questions abound. Is Delgado done? Will Beltran turn it around? Can Glavine return to his ’06 form? Even Willie Randolph, the guy who finished second to Joe Giradi for the Manager of Year Award last year, is getting grilled.

But in an article in the Daily News, Fred Wilpon, while at a fund-raising event yesterday, answered any doubt about Randolph by giving a resounding show of support for his manager.

"I can tell you the best thing I've seen is how Willie has handled (the recent slump)," said Wilpon. "The experience he had all those years in the Bronx, it's time well spent for him. Watching him handle it now, it's great."

To read the rest of the article by Christian Red, click here.

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