Thursday, June 28, 2007

Top 20 Moments in 20 Years on WFAN

If you’re like me, an avid listener of the FAN, today is a show you’ll undoubtedly appreciate. Mike and the Mad Dog are counting down the top 20 sports moments in 20 years of WFAN, as voted by the fans. Some of those moments include the Mark Messier trade, Buster Douglas knocking out Mike Tyson and Cal Ripken breaking Lou Gerigh’s consecutive games played record. Throughout the day, they have been interviewing some of the athletes involved in those moments.

Great Mets moments include Robin Ventura’s “Grand Single”, Endy Chavez’s catch as well as a few with Mike Piazza, including the Clemens bat throwing incident in the World Series, and the trade from Florida, which was voted #10.

During the show, Mike and the Mad Dog talked to Piazza about some of those moments. One of the funnier anecdotes he shared was when he was on the plane flying to New York from Florida, after getting traded, a guy sitting next to him was telling him how he was going to the Mets game to see some new player they picked up in a trade. He told Mike that apparently the Mets just picked up some big catcher and that his wife had gotten tickets to the game. Mike told the guy, “I’ll be there,” and the guy said, “You’re going to the game too?” and Mike replied, “Yeah, I’m pretty sure I’ll be playing in it.”


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dave said...

Excellent post. I thoroughly enjoy Mike and the Mad Dog yesterday, and of course anytime they talk to Piazza, I'm listening. Great stuff