Wednesday, June 20, 2007

The Mets Run Out of Runs

I posted yesterday that Mets tend to score runs when they don't need to. What I also failed to point out is that historically, the day after the Mets win big by scoring a ton of runs the next day they almost always forget how to score.

I'd like to see Gary Cohen run this stat on an SNY telecast to see what the Mets record is the day after they win by 5 or more runs. I'm betting over the last 40+ years we are well under .500.

Now that's not to say the Mets didn't hit the ball last night. In the first few innings it seemed like everyone was hitting rockets, but either right at people or just to the warning track. If the Mets played at Citizens Bank Park they would have had a couple of homers, but the confines of Shea don't allow that.

Also, we all knew Jorge Sosa had to come back down to earth. Did you see the stat of his ERA in losses? His ERA is over 10 in games when he loses, but under 2 in games he wins. It's like he has multiple personality disorder.

Santana threw under 100 pitches in a complete game shutout. None of the Mets staff can make it through the 6th without throwing 100 pitches.

We need to win a series to get some morale in the clubhouse. Thankfully Oliver Perez is pitching. Who thought that statement would ever be uttered?

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