Thursday, June 14, 2007

Gut Check Time

Ok, MetsLifers, it’s time for that proverbial gut check. Time to pick yourself off the mat and shrug off the carnage. Right now, we’re reeling. We’re angry, we’re embarrassed. We’re questioning whether this team will win another game. The truth is, these are the times that define a true Mets fan. We are there through thick and thin. For the younger generation out there; this is just a natural part of your evolution into a MetsLifer.

For all of those experienced Lifers out there; you know we’ve been down this path many times before. Exhibit A: 1999, Mets up by 4 games in the wild card race with 10 to play, we suddenly can’t win a game, losing 7 in a row and we find ourselves 2 back of the Red with 3 to go. Miraculously, we tie it up and defeat the Reds in a one game playoff on a beautiful pitching performance by Al Leiter.

Exhibit B: Late May, 2000, we were on pace to lose 99 games. We went to the World Series that year…And with far less talent than this team.

The point is, don’t give up. Don’t lose the faith. We are down, but certainly not out. This is a good Mets team. We’re still in first place with a lot of games left. Get a good night’s sleep and get right back out there tomorrow night and pull for your NY Mets!

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dave said...

Here, here. Very well said. I'm rejuvenated.