Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Shawn Green, That's More Like It!

Shawn Green is affectionately known as "Gumby" in my house. He's possibly the skinniest guy over 6 feet tall that I have ever seen. But he still has some pop in his bat.

Green has been relegated to batting seventh in the Mets lineup and proved that he deserves to move up in the order last night. In the bottom of the 11th Green smacked a 400+ feet home run off the scoreboard in right field for a spectacular walk off win.

The only thing better than Green's home was seeing Jose Reyes dance in giddy pleasure at home plate waiting for Green to arrive so he could pounce on him.

These were the types of games last year that you just knew we were going to win. Somehow, someway we were going to pull it out. This is what winning feels like. And I like it.

The Mets play 2 full weeks of baseball before the All Star break and this is the time of the year where we can separate ourselves from the pack. Let's take care of business fellas.

And Shawn Green. It's nice to have a guy with 300+ homers batting 7th in the lineup.

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