Saturday, June 16, 2007

The Curse of 300

The Mets should trade Tom Glavine for a player to be named later. You think I'm kidding?

After a gem from Oliver Perez the Mets received. . . .hmmmmmm. . . . a pretty ordinary outing from Tom Glavine. Really, what are we to expect from the future hall of famer at this point in his career?

Going for the 300th win is always tough. I remember Clemens went a month or two without a win before finally notching his 300th win. It felt like 4 months before Gary Carter hit his 300th home run. The problem with any great milestone is the mental toll it takes. Anyone who says they're not thinking about it is lying. And it's obviously effecting Glavine.

But Glavine's career with the Mets is done. Does anyone expect him to enter the Hall as a Met? Does he ever act like he really wants to be here? Is there really any loyalty that requires us to hold on to him?

If there isn't a signficant change in his performance over the next month, I'd want Omar Minaya to trade him & Aaron Heilman to Atlanta for Rafael Soriano. The Braves could use another starting pitcher and John Smoltz would be thrilled to have his buddy back. Plus the Mets need some bullpen help.

I'd be happy to face Glavine in the playoffs.

But for now, I'm pulling for you Tom. I hope you can turn this around and make a liar out of me. I really do.

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bryan said...

Couldn't agree more.