Friday, June 29, 2007

Phillies Need To Be Shut Up

I am currently vacationing at the Jersey Shore which is unfortunately very close to Phillies nation. The neighbors to my right are Phillie fans. The neighbors to the left are Phillies fans.

I'm surrounded.

The worst part is these Phillies fans are extremely vocal. We all know that Jimmy Rollins declared them the team to beat, but the fans are more vocal than the players. And they're in second place. Not first.

Sure the Phillies are on a hot streak and they pulled off a big win last night thanks to Utley's homers with one of them coming on a 3-0 pitch (why don't the Mets ever swing at those meatballs?). They're on a roll and they need to be stopped.

All I ask is for 3 wins to shut up the fans, to shut up Rollins, and to give me some breathing room atop the NL East.

The only good thing about being surrounded by Phillies fans is that when the Mets win, I want to run into them.

If we lose, I don't want to see them.


bryan said...

Sa-weep! Funny post by the way.

justwatching666 said...

have a fun october, hahaha!!!!

M said...

I'd post something rude but I have a game to get ready for. HA !!

mike said...

how do ya like the phillies now, beeyooootch!

rubin said...

Hey look who's in the playoffs now. I am a huge PHILLIES fan but kind of a METS fan too. If thats possible

dafox29ocgurl said...

your mad how you like us now im from Philly and its one of the best places on earth your just mad because we won the whole thing we phinished that and yea i spelled it right