Monday, June 25, 2007

Paul Lo Duca is the Mets Version of Sonny Corleone

Paul Lo Duca lost it on Saturday night. As I was sitting on my couch I was actually enjoying what unfolded. I had to explain to my wife that when a catcher argues a ball or strike, he's not just upset that he had a strike called against him, but he's arguing on behalf of his pitcher as well.

Now Lo Duca did a little more than argue after he was tossed, but that's what happens when you mess with the Mets family.

As I watched Lo Duca's tirade, I said this is our version of Sonny Corleone. Now if you don't know who Sonny Corleone is you need to stop reading this right now, drive to your local Blockbuster, and rent The Godfather, Part I. For those of us who do know Sonny, Lo Duca has the same bravado, dedication to his work, and love for his family that the eldest Corleone had.

If there's anyone I would "go to the mattresses" with on the Mets, it's Paul Lo Duca. He's not the biggest guy, but if you need him, he's there. 110%. He plays injured. He takes the blame when things aren't going right. He looks after the Mets version of Micheal Corleone, David Wright.

We just gotta keep Lo Duca away from toll booths.

Willie Randolph may have been upset with Lo Duca's performance, but I say it's just Sonny being Sonny. I love the fire Lo Duca. Don't ever lose it.

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bryan said...

It was about time someone showed some fire on this team. Great stuff.