Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Offensive Futility is Contagious

I just cannot believe that this team, with all of these super stars, cannot score runs. It is astounding how many times they fail with men on base.

Luis Castillo wasted no time fitting right in with his new team, popping out weakly with the bases loaded in the 7th, and left Reyes stranded at second in the 9th. I couldn't help think what Gotay would have done. I know I liked this trade but hey, I'm a fan, and I'm so ticked off with this team. Moises Alou is another one caught by the can't-hit-with-men-on bug. After being handed a gift in the 10th when the Brewers walked the first two guys to lead off the inning, Alou hits into a double play to snuff a rally. (Have we seen this before?)

I mean this is turning really ugly. The fact that I stayed up for 4.5 hours to watch this display is just pathetic. We are the worst first place team I have ever seen. Trust me when I say this, the Mets will not be in first for long as the Braves are going to steam roll them and take the NL East. You think the Braves aren't fired up with the moves they made? This team just cannot hit and they have shown me nothing of the kind that makes me think they'll snap out of it. I have no confidence in this team and quite frankly, the Mets look like they have no confidence as well.

And one other thing; Tom Glavine's wife's reactions reminded me of myself when I watched her husband throw up all over a 6-0 lead in LA two weeks ago. I only hope he gets his 300th in his next start so I don't have to watch her over and over again.

This is just another bad loss from a grossly underachieving baseball team.

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I couldn't have said it better although I will be commenting on much the same thing on my blog at .

What a frustrating loss