Saturday, September 1, 2007

Is Delgado Getting His Groove Back?

For the first time all year, I actually liked the swings I saw from Delgado. His 3-run shot last night was crushed at least 420 feet. The pitch was a fastball that hit too much of the plate and Carlos Delgado made Tim Hudson pay for his mistake.

That's something we haven't seen all year. Delgado has failed to make pitchers pay for mistakes. Now pitchers know that he can't turn on that inside fastball, but Delgado has continued to fall for those bad pitches. Last night, he looked confident. He looked comfortable.

I thought he hit another home run until Matt Diaz somehow tracked down that ball up against the wall. (I wonder who's a worse outfielder Diaz or Shawn Green?) In the series with the Phillies, Delgado showed some signs of coming out of his slump, but I knew that this was Delgado we were talking about so I couldn't get my hopes up.

Let's see how he does against Smoltz today. If he can swing the bat well against Smoltz, we might finally see a light at the end of this tunnel.

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