Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Keys to Tonight's Game

Don't you just love it when before a baseball game the announcers discuss the "keys to the game." Usually they're based on some facts or statistics that show how one team can beat another one.

My keys to tonight's game aren't that scientific, but that doesn't make them any less valid. Here are the keys to winning tonight's game against the Nationals:

1. Commit less than 5 errors: I can almost guarantee that if the Mets commit another 5 errors tonight, they will lose.

2. John Maine pitches a no-hitter: This might be going out on a limb, but I'm pretty sure if John Maine pitches a no-hitter, the Mets will win. It'll still be a close game though.

3. Tell Guillermo Mota to stay home: If at game time the Mets announced that Guillermo Mota was sent home, the bookies in Vegas would be scrambling to adjust the betting line because the chances of the Mets winning just went up 100%.

4. Tell Willie Randolph to stay home: I'd like to see what would happen if Randolph just stopped managing. Would we notice a difference in the team's play? No more bringing in Mota. No more double switching only to pinch hit for the very person you double switched in. No more lack luster arguing with umpires. No more refusal to squeeze. It might be interesting.

5. Let Keith Hernandez straighten out Jose Reyes' swing: Why is it that Hernandez can see what Reyes is doing wrong at the plate and yet it doesn't seem that Reyes is trying to fix it? Is it that HoJo doesn't see it or is that Reyes refuses to fix it? I'm not sure so I can't blame HoJo but something has got to be done about Reyes' uppercut swing. We all know he's the key to this Mets offense.

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bryan said...

Great post! Dead on about everything.