Tuesday, September 11, 2007

A Disgusting Sight at Shead Stadium Last Night

At last night's game I saw the most repulsive thing I have ever seen at a Mets game in my entire life.

Two rows in front of me there was a guy in a Jose Reyes jersey sitting next to his girlfriend who was wearing a Jeff Francouer jersey! I almost vomited.

How can a Mets fan date a Braves fan? I can live with someone dating a Yankees fan, but a Braves fan? That's unacceptable. And she wasn't a laid back Braves fan either. She was actively cheering for the Braves and rooting against the Mets. This is against all that is right in the world. Next thing you know you'll see an Ohio State fan dating a Michigan fan. Or a Giants fan married to a Cowboy fan. Or a Duke grad and a UNC grad raising children together. It's a prelude to the apocalypse people.

So far all you young Mets Lifers out there, when you find a girl or guy that you think is the one make sure you know where their baseball allegiances lie.

I guarantee the couple I saw won't make it through October.

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Anonymous said...

Sex is more powerful than sports.