Monday, September 17, 2007

The Curse of Bad Relief Pitchers

This is the debate. Who would you least like to have pitching in a close game?

a) Guillermo Mota
b) Armando Benitez
c) John Franco
d) Braden Looper

Go ahead and think about it. Your knee jerk reaction will Armando Benitez. It was mine too, but at least Benitez could throw hard. You had a chance that he was going to strike out the sides. Otherwise he was giving up a 3-run home run.

Then I went to John Franco. Franco was always good for giving up at least two hits in the inning. But then you have to think that he is in the top 5 for all time save leaders by some miracle.

Then you have Looper and Mota. Pick your poison. I'd have to argue that Mota might be the worst of the bunch, but when it comes down to it I wouldn't want any of them in a close game.

What is with the Mets long history of bad relief pitchers? This year alone we have Mota AND Schoenweiss. Are we cursed? We shouldn't be.

The great thing about relief pitchers though is you don't have to put them in the game. You have the option not to pitch them for a month (like Aaron Selee) or you can pitch them every day if you like. The sad part is Mets managers throughout our history have struggled with not putting in bad relief pitchers.

Someone needs to talk to them about this. Send them to counseling. Something, anything! Charlie Manuel, Sandy Alomar, Sr. I beg you! Speak to Willie Randolph about his problem (a.k.a. infatuation) with Guillermo Mota.

Only you can prevent bad relievers.


bryan said...

Franco is the most overrated Closer of all time.

Coop said...

can't we just wave a white flag and forfeit? I mean, if those are my choices, I may as well lay down like a sheep

Anonymous said...

I think we have now seen that Mota sucks and should not be allowed to pitch anymore. Randolph is a bad manager for sending him out there time after time. What is is that they say the definition of insanity is?