Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Pitching, Pitching, Pitching

If you don’t have good pitching, you’re not going to win many ball games. You can analyze a game to death; who missed a bunt, who failed to get the runner over, who didn’t cover the bag, but if you can’t throw strikes and get anybody out, it’s a tough hurdle to climb. For the better part of two months now, our pitching has been downright embarrassing. We’ve actually let up 48 runs in 5 games to the weakest hitting offense in the National League, losing 4 of those games – in crucial games no less. It’s just inexcusable. And even more unacceptable is the recent performance of our 300 Game winner.

Last night night, Tom Glavine was horrible. He was terrible in his previous start as well. This is not good. If Mike Pelfrey has a bad outing, you can live with that. But when Tom Glavine, the guy who is supposed to anchor this rotation, goes out and lays an egg during this time of year, you’re in trouble. And that’s exactly where the Mets find themselves after doing all they can to give up their hold on first place.

And what can you say about the bull pen? They have to be the worst in baseball. When you have someone come in to pitch their first major league of an important game, that means your team is pitiful. After Carlos Muniz pitched a scoreless inning, I was trying to figure out if there was a way we could put him on the post season roster (If we’re fortunate enough to make it). And I was serious. Why not? Sure, we don’t what we have in him, but we certainly know what we have in Mota, Schoenweis and the rest of the Blow Pen. I couldn’t even blame Randolph for putting him in that spot. Look what he has to choose from.

Fortunately, the Braves thumped the Phillies and we still, miraculously, have a 2 game lead, which is quite extraordinary really when you consider how disgusting this team has played. And tonight, we have a kid who is making is first major league start. Buckle up...

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dave said...

4 runs in the first inning from an accomplished pitcher is unacceptable and made a worthy comeback fall short. This is disgusting.