Saturday, September 29, 2007

Huge Shout Out to all the MetsLifers

We’ve been taking a beating all week. We’ve been walking around dazed and confused, stunned in disbelief that our beloved Mets have thrown away the biggest lead in baseball history. People have been making fun of us, talk show hosts are mocking our theme song. Our hearts have been ripped out, stomped on and buried. (I actually got in to an argument this afternoon with my friend who is a Yankees fan because he was busting my stones).

Yet, in spite of it all, MetsLifers have been doing everything they possibly can to kick start their team. I heard your support Thursday night against the Cardinals. I heard you pumping through the telecast last night, trying to will the Mets to victory. And I heard you today loud and clear as we finally put a stop to the bleeding. So I give all of you, the Shea Faithful, a huge shout out for representing and showing why we are the best fans. And as incredible as all of you were at the stadium the last few days, I have to acknowledge the single greatest MetsLifer on the planet…

To the older gentlemen who was in attendance at the Phillies game this afternoon, proudly wearing the classic blue hat with the orange, interlocking NY logo, in a sea of Philly fans, I give you the loudest shout out of all. You rock!!

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Unknown said...

Here, here to that guy in Philly. I thought it was the Mets media guy Jay Horowitz at first but it was just a fellow Mets Lifer. You did us proud!