Friday, September 14, 2007


In come the Philadelphia Phillies; the team that levied a crushing body blow to us just two weeks ago, leaving all Mets Lifers across the universe dazed and confused. Many of us were perched high atop our ledges, waiving the white flag. I was one of them. But what a difference 12 games make. Rather than being two games back of the Mets for the NL East as they were after that infamous sweep, the Phillies find themselves two behind the Wild Card spot. So tonight, it’s payback time!

It’s time to crush the hopes of Mr. Rollins and his self-proclaimed ‘Team to beat’. I want the Mets to send the Phillies packing, much like we did to the Atlanta Braves. And make no mistake; the Mets want to do exactly that. They’re fired up for this series…and so am I.


Rickey said...

It's go time alright. Although getting swept by the Philies last time did do wonders for us.

Still, time for payback.

Welcome to the Riding with Rickey Blogroll by the way. Rickey enjoys your work.

Unknown said...

Thanks for checking in Rickey. Love your work as well. Added you to the Mets Lifer blogroll.