Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Complain to Cablevision

I was a little concerned when I saw Major League Baseball promoting the playoffs on TBS. As a Cablevision customer, I have the wonderful fortune of not having TBS in High Definition (among 100 other channels I'm missing in HD).

Well according to this morning, Cablevision will be getting TBS HD, but just not in time for the National League Division series. So for those of us who are so lucky to be Cablevision customers we'll have to watch the Mets in standard definition.

The best thing we can do is make our voices heard by going here, and letting Cablevision know what a travesty this is. Submit a complaint every day if you have to. Let Cablevision know we're sick of not having HD channels.


John Peterson said...

OMG, no HD!

try watching all the games on MLB TV

Anonymous said...

“This is a real rip off!” “What a scam!” You may repeat these statements every time when you are not pleased with the quality of goods or the customer service of this or that company. But do not shout into the open air. Do something that really works. Submit complaints. On the web site, you can post all the problems and misunderstandings that happened to you in any company of the world. Sharing your bitter experience will help others to avoid misunderstandings.