Saturday, September 15, 2007

Painful Loss

Losing is one thing, but to lose on a night where your starting pitcher pitched a gem and you've had every opportunity to win is another.

Tom Glavine showed tonight why he should be considered as a #1 starter. For the 4th straight start Glavine went 7 innings and provided the Mets with an incredible opportunity to serve a little revenge to the Phillies.

I have to echo Bryan's recent post and yet again question why Willie Randolph refuses to squeeze? He had possibly the fastest man in baseball on 3rd base in Carlos Gomez with possibly the best bunter in the National League at the plate in Luis Castillo and all of this with only one out. Even Keith Hernandez recognized that this was the perfect opportunity for a squeeze.

Castillo eventually struck out and after David Wright was hit by a pitch, Carlos Beltran struck out. Inning over. Last opportunity to score squandered.

Mike DiFelice ended up being the goat as he missed a little league pop-up behind home plate, and I had to feel for Aaron Heilman who should have gotten through the 10th if not for the DiFelice error and a throw to second that sailed just enough right for Reyes to not be able to catch.

I wanted a win tonight like nothing else. That loss rejuvenated the Phillies. We had them down and should have delivered the final knockout punch, but it'll have to wait until today.

Bring us victory Pedro.

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