Sunday, September 23, 2007

A Festivus Miracle: Mets Win, Phillies Lose

This Mets team is stuck in some kind of funk. After storming back to take a 6-3 lead, Aaron Heilman single-handedly blows it. But then Mr. MVP David Wright knocks in the go ahead run.
And the strangest sight to behold was Aaron Sele coming in for 3 pitches and being replaced by Scott Blowenweiss who knotches the save. This game had more turns than the Mets made errors.

By the way, these errors have got to stop. This is bush league baseball in the field that we're seeing this past week. An extra hour of infield practice is in order for tomorrow morning.

I was pleased to see John Maine have more control over his pitches than he has in his past 4 starts. He looked good early on and struck out more batters than I think he has all year.

Those pesky Nationals come to Shea tomorrow. Magic number is 5 folks. 5 very, very long games away. But it's within reach.

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