Friday, September 28, 2007

Message to the NY Mets

Where is your pride! Get some guts! Do you see what you look like? You look like a bunch of scared wuss bags out there; hanging your heads, shrugging your shoulders, sitting around with long faces. You're professionals for cyring out loud. Start acting like it! It's bad enough I have to endure your hideous play, but do you have to embarass yourself (and me for that matter) by looking like a poor little kid who just got his candy stolen? I can't believe this is the same team that lead the NL East for 5 months of the season; the same team that came within one hit of going to the World Series last year. Get a grip on yourselves and start playing with some fire! Where is your self-respect, your will and desire to win. I cannot even believe I am witnessing this brand of baseball. There is a massive stench permeating Shea Stadium right now and it stinks to high heaven! It's time to shed that paralyzing fear and get some courage. Remember who you are (Jose Reyes)! You are the best team in the National League. You still have a chance to salvage this collassal mess you've gotten yourself into but it has to start tonight. There are only 3 games left. It's all even. What's it going to be? Are you going to rise up and use every ounce of your being to try and win this thing or are you going to fold up like a tent and take your dubious place in baseball history? It's up to you. Go out there stop this silliness already. Do something!

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