Wednesday, September 26, 2007

The Big Tease

When the Mets were losing 8-3, I decided to not even watch the game. I was literally sick to my stomach and there were not enough Tums in my house to make me feel better if I continued to watch. So I TiVo'd Bones and House and enjoyed some quality television.

When the shows were over I noticed it was the bottom of the 9th and figured I'd watch this pitiful team for one last inning. Then it happened, I started to get excited. A couple singles, a few walks, and then Alou comes up and smacks a bases clearing double.

It's 10-9 with Delgado up and I'm already seeing a walk-off home run that will rejuvenate this team and carry us into the playoffs. It would be the biggest comeback of the season.

But then my wife said, "Honey, they're just teasing you." Her words pierced me because I knew it was true. Delgado struck out while Chavez stole 3rd (which was just idiotic if you ask me). And then Lo Duca. Oh Lo Duca, why must you swing at the first pitch in a situation like that?

My wife was right. She has seen this team crumble as much as I have and even as a baseball novice she knew from games past what this team would do.

This time I hate the fact that she's right.

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