Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Tim Hudson, Cry Baby

Via MetsBlog.com I came across a post and some conversation about Tim Hudson's post-game remarks. Evidently Mr. Hudson was a little perturbed that Oliver Perez picked him off second base last night. Now he wasn't upset with himself, he was upset that Perez broke some unwritten code that pitchers don't pickoff other pitchers.


Hudson has always been a cocky guy and he's had a right to be cocky. He's one of the winningest pitchers this decade, but come on this is little league whining.

By the way, have you compared Hudson's numbers to Oliver Perez's numbers? Hmm, they're looking awfully similar. Yet Hudson is included in every Cy Young conversation. I'm not saying Perez should win the Cy Young. That should go to Jake Peavy or Brandon Webb, but he should at least be in the top 5 or 6.

Well Hudson I hope you get a chance to pick off every pitcher that gets on base against you for the rest of the season. Frankly I don't care because you won't face the Mets again until April.

By the way, you can enjoy working on your golf game starting October 1. Perez will still be busy at that point.

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