Thursday, September 13, 2007

Which Mets Pitcher is Most Likely to Throw a No-Hitter?

This question was posed to me this week as a few Mets fans were discussing our current pitching situation. It's a question I never really thought about because I figure some day luck will strike and a Mets pitcher will finally throw a no-hitter.

But which of our current pitchers have the best chance?

An obvious first choice would be Pedro Martinez. But I wouldn't pick him because although he still has great command and hits his spots, his stuff is not as electric as it once was. Glavine flirted with a no-hitter the other week, but again location pitchers have a tougher time with a no-hitter because they're begging hitters to swing at pitches.

I don't think John Maine will do it, but maybe he'll have a few chances as he matures as a pitcher. El Duque? El Duque can fool hitters like no one else on the Mets staff. If he's having one of those magical nights where his fast ball is 87 and his changeup is 67, he might do it.

But in my opinion he's not the Mets best shot. I think it's Oliver Perez.

To throw a no-hitter a pitcher needs his stuff to be magical, have movement, and be able to change speeds. If Perez gets his act together and is in the zone, so to speak, his stuff is potentially better than any other Mets pitcher. His fastballs have more movement than Maine's or Pedro's. His slider allows him to get hitters to swing at bad pitches. And if he can control his changeup hitters will go from a 95 mph fastball to an 85 mph changeup which is very difficult to adjust to.

Control is the big question. The second big question is if Perez can keep his head in the game and stay focused. But I think he's got a shot at a no-hitter, if (that's a big if) he can put everything together for a solid 9 innings straight.


Coop said...

I think it will be someone we least expect and someone young. Pitchers like Glavine and Pedro have outwardly said they would not want to throw a no-hitter because after a while it becomes less about the game and more about not giving up a hit and it's distracting. Methinks it will be a young guy like Maine or Oh Pea or new like Pelf or Humber. Hopefully, it will be in Humber's second start next season like that Clay dude in Boston!

Coop said...

And PS who didn't say - shoot, there goes the no-hitter - when Maine, who was dead-on locked-in last night, gave up his first hit? :)

bryan said...

My guess is that it will be someone from Iowa who is currently pitching to his dad in their cornfield.

Tommy said...

nice article dave