Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Mike and the Mad Dog are the Ultimate Anti-Mets

I can't even talk about last night's loss because it's not even worth typing about it. But something else that got me aggravated last night was listening to Mike and the Mad Dog on WFAN on my way home from work.

I turned on the radio just as they were playing back Howie Rose's call of Delgado's 3-run homer on Sunday. Howie Rose was obviously psyched to see Delgado hit one which gave the Mets the lead. But the thing that bothered me is how Mike Francesa and Chris Russo just started railing on Howie Rose for being that excited about a call. They were talking about how it wasn't a big deal and that this Mets win didn't mean anything because the Phillies had already lost.

Have these guys even been following the Mets? (probably not) What do you mean this win didn't mean anything? These guys get paid for this? Of course it was a big win. It gave us that 2 game cushion we so desperately needed. If we didn't win that game we'd now be looking at a 1 game lead. Morons.

Then they went on to further show their ignorance by talking about how Willie Randolph has done a great job this year managing the team. Whaaaaaaaaat? These are the same guys who question Randolph's move pretty much every other week and now they want to crown him manager of the year? Have they seen the substitutions Randolph has made. The bad double switches. The reliance on Guillermo Mota. The refusal to play Milledge at first.

That's it. I can't listen to the "Jerk and the Fatman" (as Imus used to call them) any more. As much as it pains me to say this, but Michael Kay is actually a more unbiased talk show host when it comes to the Mets. Now Michael Kay is a guy I've detested for a long time, but I got to tell you that Mike and the Mad Dog have lost all credibility when it comes to Mets baseball.

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bryan said...

Right on the money. I could not agree more with you. Those guys intentionally play the role of the contrarian just to instigate the fnas. The irony here of course, is that they constantly rip on media outlets, Sportscenter, etc for sensationalizing news stories, yet, they're no different. In fact, they only fan the flames more. They really have lost credibility, and Dog is a real joke. His opinions change on a daily basis. "This is a bad team, Mike...this is the best team, Mike" He's all over the place. I've listened to them for years, but there is no question that I have lost a ton of respect for their act - and it is an act. You can no longer take them seriously. Not a big game? Wow...that's comical actually. And I have been switching over to Kay more and more. I used to despise him but he is fairly objective.