Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Piazza Recalls Post 9/11 Home Run

Speaking of that memorable home run, Mike Piazza was on 1050 ESPN radio last night with Don LaGreca and reflected on that game. Listening to Mike speak was a reminder of how great this guy was for this city and the Mets. His genuineness and sincerity for how he feels about NYC is something special and is rare among today’s athletes.

Piazza talked about the vibe of the stadium that night, the fans, the team and how he mentioned how torn he was before the game because he didn’t know if it was appropriate to play or not; he said the players weren’t sure how to feel. But once the game got started and moved into the later innings, the fans got into it and they fed off the electricity. He said he didn’t remember what he was thinking after he hit the home run, but felt that it was some kind of divine intervention that helped him do it. It was that special. He told LaGreca that if he’s remembered more for that one home run than any other big home rune he’s hit (and he hit plenty for us) than that’s perfectly fine with him.

When asked what he thought about the rumors at the trade deadline and the fans’ desire to bring him back, Mike (laughing), initially tip-toed around it, expressed his adulation for the city and for Mets fans. But then he did admit, that ‘yes’ it (a trade to the Mets) would have been something that would have interested him.

Too bad Omar didn’t pull it off. It would have been great to see this class act-of-a person, an all-time great Met, back in Queens with one more shot at a World Series.

To listen to the interview, click here. (The link on ESPN's site isn't working yet, so check back).

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Unknown said...

Fantastic post. I'm sorry I missed the interview. It kills me that Piazza wants to be a Met and isn't right now but I take comfort in remembering everything he did for this ball club.