Thursday, September 20, 2007

Bring Back the Black Cat of '69

from guest poster, Siroty

Maybe the Mets need an animal on the field to reverse their fortunes. It was the black cat that sparked the 1969 Mets to become a "real" franchise.

Well, if it worked once do it again. But we need to do it in reverse. Desparate times call for desperate measures. And we can't rely on Mets pitchers who can't get out of their own way right now . How about bringing in a white rabbit into the clubhouse. Or a puppy to calm their nerves. What about a guinea pig. Rally monkeys are taken, but a pretty fish is soothing to watch.

Right now anything can help. It could also be time to bring out the big bopper. How about the Mets Rat! Shea is so old that I'm sure some of the original rats have grown to immense size. Put 'em on a leash and watch the tide turn! Let 'em roam the third base dugouts and even make a random visitors clubhouse appearance and we'll see 2 1/2 game up grow into a playoff clincer in no time flat!


William said...

I live on a farm and we're inundated with feral cats. They're mean and nasty and won't let you touch them. It's be a great way to remind the team that they're mean and nasty ans shouldn't let some lamo team like the Phillies touch them.

Toasty Joe said...

Where the heck do you live?

dave said...

Excellent question toasty joe. Not sure i've ever seen a feral cat either.

Coop said...

Hey guys, feral cats aren't as bad as you would think...typically, they are inbred and a fancy way of saying stray.

dwitos079 said...

lmao I was at the first game of the last mets series at shea, (phils fan btw) and a black cat was running all over the field.