Sunday, September 16, 2007

What's Next For This Team?

Another Phillies sweep. So does this mean the Mets will win their next 6 in a row?

I don't think there's any way you can predict any thing with this team. Scratch that. The only thing that you can predict is that Willie Randolph will continue to bring in Guillermo Mota. Why? Because he's on crack. Actually, I'm not sure.

Beltran came through in a big spot on Sunday with the 3-run home run to tie the game right after David Wright flied out to deep left. I was glad to see Beltran get a clutch hit. Beltran tends to avoid the spotlight, but I think the more he's thrust into it the more he'll be able to peform in it.

The only other highlight was David Wright becoming the third Met to join the 30-30 club. Hats off to Wright for a phenomenal season. It's only too bad it had to come amidst this debauchery.

Six Errors. 11 Walks. 6 runners left on base. It's no wonder we lost.

Get the Phillies out of our sites and head to D.C.

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