Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Mets Fans Were Rocking Tonight

I want to give a special shout out to all of the fans who were at the game tonight. While I was not in attendance, I heard you loud and clear during the telecast (by the way, Cohen, Darling and Hernandez are fantastic). It was great to hear that MetsLifer passion rip through the stadium as we polished off the pathetic Atlanta Braves, essentially sending them to the golf courses early - or wait, did we do that 10 days ago when we mopped them up with a phat broom in their own house? I wonder what that Braves beat reporter has to say about us now. Next up, Phillies.

By the way, the energy that was emanating from all the MetLifers tonight reminded me of the post season last year when Shea was deafening. I can't wait to experience that electricity again. See clip from Game 1 of NLDS against the Dodgers. Who is that guy?


Unknown said...

I love that playoff type of excitement. And no fans get it better than Mets Lifers. I think everyone was psyched to deliver the final blow to the Atlanta Braves and send them into golf season a little early.

Coop said...

I can tell you - the vibe was insane. Fans that I see every game (I have season tickets) who I never speak to, we were all family last night. It was great, getting this pre-October vibe.

bryan said...

Great job Coop. I know I heard you! I'm getting fired up just thinking about Shea in October!