Tuesday, September 11, 2007

David + Wright = MVP

David Wright showed yet again why he should be the NL MVP this year coming through with a much needed 2-run home run yesterday which turned out to be the deciding runs of the game.

I was at the game and there's really nothing better than being part of Shea crowd that holds its collective breath while the ball keeps sailing and finally lands over the left field wall. The crowd then erupts with jubilation and immediately begins to chant M-V-P. We wanted a curtain call, but David Wright is too much of a gentleman to do that in the middle of a tight contest.

Oliver Perez could have had a disappointing night if not for Wright's home run. Perez pitched a fantastic game up until the 7th inning when he made one bad pitch to Brian McCann. With the count 3-2 and 2 outs, the Shea crowd stood on its feet and started to get Perez pumped up. That's when he dug deep and fired his fastest fastball of the night. The only problem was he threw it right down the middle and McCann sent that ball out to right in a hurry.

But Wright's home run was enough to keep the Mets on top on this night. Even Heilman and Wagner pitched an uneventful 8th and 9th, except for Beltran's fantastic grab to end the game.

I want a sweep of the Braves so badly. If the weather holds, we'll see how El Duque does on his return to night.

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