Thursday, September 20, 2007

Willie Randolph, Please Report to the Principal's Office

Via I came across an SI article where Mets owner Jeff Wilpon gives a pretty juicy quote about his thoughts on the Mets' current situation:

“I’m disappointed with the way the team is performing overall, and that’s everyone, top to bottom. I’m disappointed in Omar, Willie, the players…that’s everyone. We shouldn’t be in this position. But we are. We’ve got to fight our way out and pull this out.”

Ouch. SI writer Jon Heyman also refers to Randolph as a man ‘who assumes the posture of a man without a care.’

Double ouch. But hey, the truth hurts. Just look at Willie's reaction to the Mets recent losses in this post from just two days ago. If the Mets don't make the playoffs, Willie Randolph is gone. End of story.

But if the Mets make the playoffs and win the World Series, we'll carry him down Broadway on our shoulders and crown him King of New York.

The real question will be what happens if the Mets make the playoffs, but don't win the World Series?

Right now I can't think about that. We've got bigger fish to fry in the Florida Marlins. One game at a time people.

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