Tuesday, September 18, 2007

The Wizard Followed the Mets to Washington

Bryan had a fantastic post yesterday that was highlighted on Metsblog.com and discussed the idea that there was a wizard hired by the Phillies that put a hex on the Mets.

I believe the wizard has followed us to Washington, which can only mean one thing: the wizard is within our own organization. Also this is no ordinary wizard. This is a seriously powerful other-wordly creature. Think Sauron from the Lord of the Rings movies except with a propensity for bad baseball.

This evil power is in the Mets minds. He's in our gloves. He's in our bats. And sometimes I think he's possessed our manager. Now not even Willie Randolph can be blamed for the game last night, but isn't that the beauty of a powerful mythical force? Do you ever realize what it's actually doing until it's too late?

The fact that Brian Lawrence was the starting pitcher was forgotten when the Mets went up 4-0, but don't tell me that didn't play a major role in the demise of the Mets last night.

What about the fact that 90 pitchers have been used by the Mets in the last two games, both of which were major blowouts? So if the Mets are in a tight game tonight no one can be called on to pitch except for Billy Wagner. Actually, that might be a good thing.

This is one tricky wizard folks. He's evil to the very core. But we must maintain hope.

Right now it's the only thing we have.

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