Friday, September 28, 2007

2007 Mets: Your Season Has Come (And Gone)

The Mets deserve no second chances. After the game last night Willie Randolph was asked how you deal with a losing streak like this. His reply, "you have to stay positive."

He was then asked what he said to his team after the game. His reply, "Just a few words. Positive stuff."

Positive? What was positive about last night? Okay, Pedro did his thing, but that's one man. There was nothing positive about last night. There has been nothing positive since Sunday's win against the Marlins. Nothing. Why are we staying positive?

This team needs an enema. They need a fire. I saw it Luis Castillo after Wednesday's loss, but I'm not seeing it elsewhere. David Wright is hitting well. Moises Alou is hitting well. But we're lacking a fire and sense of urgency.

What's that you feel against your back? Oh yeah, that's the wall. The wall of torture. The wall of the longest offseason in major league baseball history. It's the wall all Mets fans will want to put their head through because we'll have to deal with Yankees fans whose team is in the playoffs while ours folded like an origami swan. This is the wall we're going to have to climb to get out of this pit we're stuck in.

No one is going to help the Mets win. They need to get out of this ditch themselves. And that's what has me worried.

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Renee said...

Actually, origami swans or cranes are very sturdy and endure for many, many years. Though made of paper, their strength comes from the basics: Solid form built one step at a time.

The Mets need to reconnect with their own strengths.

(Oh... and origami cranes are symbols of honor and LOYALTY. They say if you fold 1,000 of them, your wish will be granted!)

GO METS!!!!!!!!!!!!!