Thursday, September 27, 2007

120 Pitches for Pedro

120 pitches. That's the number I'm looking to get from Pedro tonight. Keep that bullpen under lock and key. The Mets NEED, scratch that. The Mets MUST HAVE a win tonight.

I don't want to hear any more Willie Randolph quotes about "one game at a time" or "we're out there trying." Save your breath Willie. This team down right stinks right now. Period. You can't argue with that, and I dare you to try.

There is no defending this team. They have to defend themselves. The only way they can is by winning tonight. Then we'll worry about the next game.

Tonight is THE game. I don't want to see errors. I don't want to see Mota. I don't want to see blown leads. I want to see a WIN. A big fat "W" would shut me up mighty quickly. And boy am I dying to be quiet.

Pedro Martinez must pitch the game of his career. A no-hitter would be nice, but I won't push it.