Wednesday, September 12, 2007

One of Those El Duque Games

El Duque in his first game back with the Mets looked like he should have taken another week off. He had trouble with his control early and it seemed like everyone was able to get a hit off of him. I'm not going to even mention the final score because it's not even worth typing.

El Duque struggled his last time out so I was a little surprised to see him have back to back shaky starts. Some on talk radio and online are already saying this shows that El Duque needs to go to the bullpen if the Mets make the playoffs.

That's ridiculous. If you want to move him to the bullpen in the playoffs because his arm is durable enough to sustain it and he could fix some middle relief problems, that's one thing. But to move him there on account of this start is preposterous. El Duque has way too much playoff experience and fantastic playoff resume to send him to the bullpen for this.

I still feel that El Duque should be the Mets #1 starter in the playoffs. If he pitches in Game 1 there's no question he'd be available for game 4 and even game 6 if he was needed. From his time with the Yankees and White Sox, I am convinced El Duque dials it up a notch come playoff time.

I've been waiting 2 years to see him pitch a playoff game for the Mets. Just don't let him run around in the outfield between now and October.

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