Friday, September 21, 2007

Rain Delay & A Little Vino

I’ve figured out how to neutralize my emotions during the game. It’s a rather old technique but I found that having a few (maybe four) glasses of a little vino (Cabernet) helps take the edge off. While Pedro served up an early 3-0 lead, thanks to LoDuca’s throwing error (hey, he had to feel part of the team, right?) I was surprisingly at ease. Typically I get aggravated if Reyes goes 0-1 in the count so this state-of-mind is quite refreshing and a welcomed retreat from my usual manic behavior often experienced during critical games. My only hope is that is lasts through the rain delay and longer because as we all know, the bull pen is going to rear its evil head before this one is over.

So let's see...10 straight games...that's a lot of vino...

Disclaimer: If you're under 21, drink Vitamin Water.

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