Friday, September 28, 2007

Mets Lifer Has Gone Black

Until the Mets officially clinch their playoff berth (or don't), Mets Lifer is going black. It's a symbolic statement of our current mood, one of mourning and disappointment.

But it's also a change of pace. And we all know the Mets need to change their ways so why shouldn't we? Consider this the closest thing to a blogging rally cap that we could think of.

If the Mets find the path to winning, Mets Lifer will return to the bright and cheerful white background that we know and love. But until then the dark cloud has settled in.

But even in these dark times, we'll still cry LETS GO METS!


Rickey said...

It's now dark and scary in here. What no beard to shave off?

metsnyc said...

Hopefully you don;t have to stay black all winter long...Let's Go Mets!