Friday, September 14, 2007

Two Concerns

I have two concerns with this Mets team as we go in to the post season. 1). Obviously the bullpen. 2). Willie's in-game decision making is downright amateur at times. I cannot figure out for the life of me why he never, I mean never calls for a bunt with a runner on third base. Tonight, with one out and Gomez at third and Reyes on first and Castillo at the plate, Willie once again chose not to drop a bunt. Forget the squeeze play, the Mets will pitch a no hitter before Willie calls for a squeeze. But for the love of God, in this spot, please lay down a bunt. With Gomez's speed, it doesn't even have to be a squeeze for crying out loud. And Castillo is one of the best bunters in the sport. You have a better percentage of that working with Castillo than a sacrifice fly. It's as safe a play as any yet Randolph failed to recognize it or was simply to stubborn (which he is folks) to do it. If you make a desicison in the game to sacrifice a runnner into scoring postion late in the game, then why in the world would you not sacrifice a runner in to score in a tie game in the 8th? There's no logic behind his thought process. It just drives me crazy sometimes and it is no doubt a concern for me come October, where he was out manged by Larussa last season.

I give Willie credit for keeping this team focused down the stretch and for keeping them together. He’s very good at that. And I was as big of a supporter for him as anyone. But man has he blown some games - and real easy decisions too. I just hope he learns from these mistakes; learn from Mota's ineffectiveness and leave him off the roster; learn from tonight's game and call for a bunt with a guy on third (especially Gomez at third and Castillo at the plate. If he doesn't, it will come back to bite him.

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