Saturday, September 29, 2007

From Black to Orange and Blue

Earlier this week we changed the color scheme of Mets Lifer to black and we wrote a post on why we did this.

But it's time for a change. We're going orange and blue for the final game of the season. The Mets showed us their colors today and it's time that we show that we too bleed orange and blue. I sat through the entire Nationals/Phillies game today biting my finger nails and yelling at Manny Acta to put on the hit and run, and to please bring in Rouch & Cordero.

Who thought it would come down to game number 162? Nobody, but that's where we are. Time to man up, bare down or whatever saying you want to insert. None of them matter. It's time to WIN.

One win tomorrow and who better to face than our nemesis, Dontrelle Willis. This team should be fired up. Hey, Rick Peterson looked fired up today. I almost saw him take off his jacket so he could throw a punch at Olivio. Reyes, hopefully, is fired up. We know David Wright is geared up and I fully expect Paul Lo Duca to make a Willis Reed like appearance tomorrow.

I saw kids out today proudly wearing their Mets t-shirts, and that was before the win today. That's guts. But I had my Mets hat too and I thought we're all in this together. Do or die. We're Mets Lifers.

Let's finish this.

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Coop said...

tonight i feel like a kid the night before christmas...can't sleep...wonder what santa's gonna bring him (or her, in my case LOL)...hoping that santa doesn't think I'm "pretending" to sleep, so he doesn't leave me my toys...and leave out milk and his favorite cookies (hopefully, the baseball gods like oreos, cause that's all i have right now). I desperately need sleep though. I gotta rest my vocal cords too for tomorrow's game. WOOT!! LGM - YGB