Saturday, September 29, 2007

New Life

Baseball! I love this game!

With their backs against the wall and their world collapsing all around them, the Mets pounded the Marlins 13-0. And just a few moments ago, the Phillies lost to the Nationals 4-2. The Mets have new life.

John Maine pitched the game of his life tossing a near no hitter. The lone hit was a tiny squib down third base with two outs in the 8th. Maine left the game to a rousing ovation at the electric Shea Stadium. My wife turned to me and said she felt a little emotional watching him walk off the field, and I replied back with the same response. I got the chills. Maine’s performance was exactly what the doctor ordered for this team who had looked so fragile all week long.

And don’t think for a moment that that near brawl didn’t fire this team up. Reyes, who inexplicably didn’t run out another ball earlier in the game, got in to it with the Marlins catcher, Oliva. Sandy Alomar Sr. protected his player and actually took one on the side of the head, but he hung in there and held his ground. I swear Alomar could have taken him.

Lastings Milledge showed the talent that everyone’s been raving about for son long, hitting two blasts in to the left field bull pen. If he could somehow get it going, or at least for one more game deliver more dramatics, this team can take this crown back.

We’ve been killing the Mets up and down over the last two weeks, including yours truly, but today’s win, coupled with a Phils loss, and we’re right back in this thing.

Ya Gotta Believe!!! Let’s go Mets!!!!

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