Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Mets All smiles

Did anyone notice the smiles on some players’ faces last night while they were getting embarrassed once again by the weakest-hitting team in the National League? I saw Jose Reyes smiling from ear to ear; I saw David Wright laughing with someone either in the Nationals dugout or in the stands, and I saw Carlos Delgado nearly laughing out loud while standing at first base. And this was when they were getting their heads licked in 10-3; one night after they were hammered 13-4.

I was actually stunned by this. As a fan, you always wonder whether or not players take defeat harder than we do. I mean, we’d like to think they do, right? They’re the ones wearing the uniform, playing the game; they’re the ones getting embarrassed on a nightly basis. How could they not be pissed off? Or more specifically, how can they be smiling? I actually watch this garbage night in and night out, wasting 3-4 hours of my time, and I can tell you without question, I am not smiling. It’s quite the contrary. I am ticked off, completely embarrassed to be a fan. In fact, not only am I not smiling during these beatings, I find it hard to smile the next day. It sucks!

I guess I can buy the fact that we as fans do suffer more and it really doesn’t affect them as much. I mean, we have to go to our jobs every day, all year round, and we don’t have the luxury of making zillions of dollars to play a kid’s game, but for crying out loud, the least they can do is pretend it bothers them; look like they’re angry; and please, don’t smile.

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