Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Julio Franco: Addition by Subtraction

Via, I came across a link to an article written by's John Heyman who had this to say about Julio Franco:

Some people around the Mets say things are better in the clubhouse with Julio Franco gone. They say he was a divisive influence who was constantly second-guessing manager Willie Randolph. "It was obvious he wanted Willie's job,'' one uniformed Met said.

How interesting is that? I never cared for Franco and thought he was dead weight the Mets were stuck dragging around because Willie Randolph and Omar Minaya liked him. Maybe not.

Either way I couldn't have been happier than the day they let Franco go. So who do you think the "one uniformed" Met was? My money's on Paul Lo Duca. Gotta love a man who speaks his mind.


Coop said...

Well Julio was DEFINITELY Omar's guy...the SI cover article in 2006 on the clubhouse quoted Omar as saying that as long as he was employed somewhere, Julio Franco (and Rickey Henderson) would always have a job. A little blind devotion if you ask me. I heard a rumor (it may have even been courtesy of metsblog) that when rick down - willie's "guy" - was let go, willie was like, OK get rid of your guy franco. both turned out to the be the right move!

bryan said...

Good stuff. Interesting rumor too Coop.