Tuesday, September 18, 2007


I've been to my fair share of Little League games in my lifetime and I have never seen such disregard for the fundamentals of the game as I saw last night. On two occasions a double play should have gotten the Mets out of the 6th inning only to have errors made. Errors on somewhat routine plays.

But the play in the field is not the only unwatchable thing. The performance at the plate is equally repulsive. We are able to beat John Smoltz, but somehow struggle against pitchers with ERA's over 5?

Willie Randolph needs to get this team loose. Scratch that. Someone needs to get this team back on track. At this point I think it's beyond Willie's ability to do so. I'm not sure who's will step in, but someone has got to. Otherwise we'll be remembered just as the '69 Cubs are remembered.

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