Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Ya Gotta Believe (Again)

It's so hard right now, but I reminded myself that it was just a few weeks ago that I wrote this post telling Mets fans that we gotta believe.

I've lost a bit of faith, but I've got to keep hope. What else do we have?

Ya gotta believe Maine is going to pitch like it's the playoffs tonight. Ya gotta believe that Lo Duca will be out for blood. Ya gotta believe that David Wright is embarrassed and wants to prove that he is the MVP. Ya gotta believe that Jose Reyes knows he has to get out of this slump. Ya gotta believe Luis Castillo will be slapping a base hit even if his knees fall off.

Ya gotta believe we haven't been through this roller coaster of a season to lose it now. Ya gotta believe this team wants to and knows it has to turn it around right now.

Ya gotta believe.

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