Sunday, September 16, 2007

The Return of Joe Smith

The Mets sent Joe Smith down to the minors because they said he needed some rest.

Well, 3 months later I think he's rested. Joe Smith came in on Sunday to hit the first batter he faced to load the bases, but then got out of the inning. Smith started the season on fire by not allowing an earned run in his first 20+ innings.

Joe Smith should be added to the regular rotation of the Mets bullpen, even into the playoffs. Willie Randolph has no reason for inserting Guillermo Mota into another game. Joe Smith is a right-handed specialist, something Mota is definitely not.

With Pedro Feliciano as our lefty specialist and with Jorge Sosa and Joe Smith in for right handed batters, the Mets' bullpen should be decent enough down the stretch. Throw in Schoeneweiss for very rare left-handed situations and then Aaron Heilman as your 8th inning guy and you've got your bullpen set.

The important thing is that Mota never pitches in a tight game ever again. If (that's right, if) the Mets make the playoffs they'll probably move Oliver Perez into the bullpen which gives you yet another arm. Tell Aaron Selee and Guillermo Mota to go find Alay Soler and hang out with him for the month of October.

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bryan said...

There is no question that Joe Smith should replace Mota. Too bad, Willie doesn't see it that way.