Saturday, September 1, 2007

The Big Maine

The John Maine of the second half of the season has made us forget that this guy can be a big game pitcher. With the home runs he's given up lately and the unbelievable amount of walks, you forget that this guy got us a big win in game 6 of the NLCS last year.

John Maine reminded us of the pitcher we hoped he'd be last night. He avoided giving up walks and reached down deep when he needed to get some big outs. With the bases loaded last night and no outs, Maine got out of a huge jam by getting Chipper Jones, Mark Teixera, and Brian McCann while only giving up a run on a wild pitch.

It was great to see John Maine show some emotion and fire on the mound. When he wasn't hitting his spots you could tell he was frustrated with himself. He knew how big a game this was for the Mets and he didn't let us down.
I've missed this John Maine. I hope he sticks around for September because I'd love to see him in October.

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