Saturday, September 1, 2007

Continue to Believe

It was only one win, but last night's win was a big one. Everyone on the Mets knew that they needed to stop the bleeding. The amazing thing was that they were able to explode offensively not only in Atlanta, but against possibly the top pitcher in the NL.

It's just one win, but you have to continue to believe. Smoltz pitches today which for the Braves has been an automatic win against the Mets, especially in Atlanta. We have the "man without a win" going for us in Mike Pelfrey. If ever there was a time where we as Mets Lifers need faith, it's now.

It's improbably that Pelfrey will be able to match Smoltz and hold the Braves to 1 run like Maine did. It's improbable that the Mets will be able to explode for another 7 runs today. It's improbable that the Mets would win a series at Turner Field.

But the fact remains that it's still possible. We need to restore our faith in this team. I might be setting myself up for a huge disappointment, but I have to believe this team knows that it has to beat the Braves before it can win the division.

Continue to believe.

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bryan said...

Improbable, but Pelfrey did allow one run. He looked aweomse today.